Sunday, March 27, 2011

Style Icon: Olivia Palermo

One of my style icons is Olivia Palermo. Honestly, when she was on The City, I couldn't stand her - she made me crazy annoyed - all the time. But there is no denying, the girl has great style. I literally don't think I've ever seen her in something that hasn't made me swoon in total and utter fashion envy. Her style is so perfectly New York chic - lots of black, lots of well-tailored pieces, amazing bags and she even manages to combine pieces you would never think of together to make totally unique but wearable outfits. Not to mention, her hair. I would die for that hair.

I love the look on the right - all black and trendy, but with just a pop of white. I also love the tights under the shorts combination. Not sure I could pull it off, but its fierce! The look on the right is so ladylike and sophisticated and the belt is such the perfect finishing touch.

In the image on the left, I love that she is once again rocking the tights under shorts look. And that sweater - AHHHMAZING. The second outfit is so simple and really not anything fancy, but it looks great for a weekend walking around Soho shopping - and I love how her bags are always so structured. Finally, what is more chic than a white button down dress shirt? Combined with a big statement necklace and a pair of Wayfarers, you've got fashionable down, cold.

These three outfits, to me, are the perfect embodiment of casual, comfortable and chic. A blazer with skinny jeans is a great option for so many things - a date, a tweet-up, a meeting with clients, love it.

I love the idea of wearing shorts in a dressy way for an event. Paired with the booties, its a stylish way to do "going out" clothes in a different way, for a chance. And the green dress? Well, I just have a massive crush on that shade of green.

Again, lots of black, but it's definitely not boring! The short sleeve coat with a long sleeve shirt worn underneath it is a great idea and way to play with proportions - plus, Chanel flats? Win. Now if only I could pull of leather leggings...

There are plenty of pictures out there in the blogosphere of Olivia and her boyfriend, and although I am pretty sure they don't purposely coordinate their outfits, they also look in sync and their styles seem to complement each other. Love the ruffled jacket!

The look on the left is one of my all-time favorites. A vest, belted over a dress - I never would have thought to put those together, but it looks awesome. On the right, I love her skinny suit- she manages to make it look so feminine when it could look too masculine. Perfect tailoring and super high heels make it work.

Can't say I'm a fan of the girl on TV, but I am definitely a huge fan or her style and fashion choices.

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