Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Image of the Day

Ok, I am starting a new kind of "regular" post on the blog - a photo of the day. Just a collection of amazing images that have captured my heart, made me feel, or made me think. And I think, we will start with this one...

From www.fromme-toyou.tumblr.com
I love the perspective of this shot - the way it makes the buildings seem so massive, dwarfing everything below them and making the street seem so narrow, as if the buildings are towering over it in an imposing way. Plus, the one pop of bright yellow color from the taxi cab is a nice touch.

And because its the first one of these posts and I am having trouble making decisions tonight, I am going to show a few more!

From www.sunsurfer.tumblr.com
I don't know if this has been Photoshop-ed or not, it would be pretty amazing, if not. Check out the insane reflection of the sunset in the bubble. Real or fake?

From www.flickr.com
Simply because two of my dearest friends in the world are about to have their first babies - and this makes me think of them and the little miracles they are about to introduce to the world!

Source Unknown
Barefoot. Reminds me of summer - feeling the hot pavement or deck under bare feet, and I could use some of that this rainy week. Plus, there is something so graceful and elegant about her feet.

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