Monday, April 4, 2011

For the Love of Shoes...

Or, shoe porn. Or, some of the most beautiful shoes I have ever seen in my life. These are some of my all time favorites. And with my ridiculous, over the top love for shoes, to narrow it down to these and say they are my favorites...well, that's something. As Ms. Carrie Bradshaw once put it..."Hello, Lover".

Christian Louboutin,
That color! Those bows...I dream of these shoes.

Miu Miu,
If it's got a ridiculously high heel and it sparkles or glitters, I will probably swoon over it.

Christian Louboutin, Source Unknown.
Can you imagine a more perfect wedding shoe? 

Brian Atwood,
The color, the studs, the clear plastic sides, the insane height, Brian Atwood is a genius.

Source and Designer Unknown
I don't know who made these shoes, but talk about diamonds on the soles of your feet. I DIE.

I love the look of the rock-n-roll snakeskin with a soft ribbon ankle tie. Tough but sweet.

Matthew Williamson,
Can you say stylish and ultra-chic Alice in Wonderland?

Charlottle Olympia,
 These shoes are hot. The vibrant red and the crazy exposed platform, with the ruffled wing-like decoration on the back? Yowza.

This is the kind of heel that a klutz like me would absolutely break her ankle in, but the little cluster of jewels is just irresistible!

Stuart Weitzman,
 Hot pink, peep toe, platform pumps with diamante decorations - need I say more?

Christian Louboutin,
Look how sparkly!

Christian Louboutin,
The detailing on the back of this shoe has captured my heart. That, and the fact that its pink. Patent-leather pink. Drool.


  1. Ashley, each one of these are an exquisite selection in their own right. I mean just stunning! Dying here, slowly but shoe-ly :-)

  2. Ohmygosh! I have totally died and gone straight to heaven. I am in love!!!! You have such great taste. If I could only aspire to be like you Miss Fashionista!