Tuesday, April 5, 2011

April Showers Bring May Flowers

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I don't know what the weather is like where you live, but here in Seattle, its raining, its pouring. The other day, someone mentioned to me that it was apparently the wettest March we've had in a few years. Siiiiiigh. The days of rain and clouds leave me longing for just a glimpse of the sun, but since I've probably got a little while to go before that happens here in Seattle, why not focus on the cute rainy weather attire available and of good use, this time of year?

First things first, even if you aren't properly attired for a downpour, you can stay dry with a cute umbrella. They say true Seattleites don't use umbrellas, but as a life-long resident, I will attest to this being completely false. But my thought is, if you're going to carry an umbrella, why not make it fun and interesting instead of boring old black? Here are some of my favorites...

Keep things bright and colorful on a gray day with the rainbow umbrella from Uncommon Goods, or take a whimsical turn with the birdcage umbrella from Lulu Guinness. A Burberry umbrella is always a classic choice and keeps basic black from being boring, and the polka dot option from Barney's signals a fun-loving kind of gal. My personal favorite is the Rain Rain Go Away clear umbrella from Felix Ray - how adorable is that? And finally, wish away the gray skies with blue skies under your umbrella from Uncommon Goods.

Next up, you're going to need a good pair of rain boots for stomping in the puddles this spring, so check these out:

Hunter rain boots are my absolute all-time favorite galoshes. These classic Wellie's, originally designed to be worn by the British Army during World War I, have become all the rage recently. For a fancy rain boot option, try the Jimmy Choo crocodile print Hunter boots - a fabulous combination of style and utility. The classic tall Hunter's are the ones I have in my closet, but I would love to add another pair in this bright purple color. Finally, go for an embellished look with the Regent Grosvenor pair with gold buttons and embossed black rubber.

How cute are these red and black high heeled rain boots from Kate Spade? Preppy chic! Gray days call for bright clothing and accessory choices to beat the blues, which is one of the reasons I love this Chooka yellow-polka-dot pair. Or, choose something with a little bit of a rocker edge with these studded Burberry rain boots.

But, if I had to choose one pair of rain boots for this spring season, it would be these Festival short Wellington's from Hunter. The bright color, the rocker feel - they are fabulous!

Finally, lets pick out some must-have trench coats to keep dry when the rain drops begin to fall.

Naturally, the go-to, top of the line trench coat is Burberry. I love the classic choices in black and tan twill. They are so classic, so refined, so elegant and so ladylike. What's not to love? This pale pink anorak from Emma Cook is another great choice to give you a fashionable forecast on a rainy day.

If you like to keep it interesting, why not opt for a leopard print trench like this one from Alice and Olivia? Or a sleek bright red choice with a flower embellishment from Lanvin - oh, and by the way, I will take one of each, please.

But the ultimate trench for me this spring has got to be this bright pink one from, of course, Burberry. Want it. Need it. Have to have it.

Happy spring showers everyone!

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