Monday, September 12, 2011

Style Icon: Bianca Brandolini

Image courtesy of Vogue
Any girl that can wear a full length, long sleeve leopard print gown - with feathers, no less - and still look classy, is automatically going to become one of my style icons. It takes some serious daring and fashion chops to pull off a dress like this one from Giambattista Valli. Lovelies, meet Bianca Brandolini - my latest style icon.

Bianca Brandolini is the portrait of European nobility and high society with lineage from a few noble Italian families and even a French prince. Her style, however, isn't usually what one would expect to see on a sophisticated young lady of high society - and that's precisely why I like it. Don't get me wrong - I adore the ladylike look of ladies like the new Duchess of Cambridge, but its also refreshing to see Bianca's rocker-chic edgy style in a world usually so dominated by conservative, ladylike outfits. Her outfits almost always tow the line between bohemian and edgy rocker chic and I love that she can often be spotted in flats and gladiator-style sandals.

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First, we have to talk about her always perfectly tousled beachy bohemian waves - how she manages to make that hairstyle look right with almost any outfit, is a wonder to me. I adore the sparkly short and suit combo she is rocking on the red carpet, above - even the shoes - and normally, I am not a fan of brogues on women. The fur vests are pretty amazing as well - I saw a ton of them at Fashion's Night Out last week, and between Bianca and the new fall lines, I am pretty sure I need to work one into my own wardrobe.

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There is the leopard print making an appearance again - although in this case, I am super impressed at the combination of the two prints she matched together. Somehow, it just seems to work! There's a lot of black and white in her wardrobe, but the way she wears it - as a sheer lace maxi or a white blouse open over a black bra, its always the right amount of daring.

My goal for fall - to add a little of Bianca's wild-child style into my closet.

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  1. every single one of these looks was perfect to me. She is perfect and gorgeous and I love her lol. I want her hair! lovely post :)