Sunday, September 18, 2011

Traveling in Style: Hotel Missoni, Kuwait

I got bit hard by the travel bug recently. Well, actually, scratch that. I got bit a while ago - its just been kicked into high gear recently. Maybe its my reluctance to give up the carefree feeling of summer and avoid the coming winter doldrums here in Seattle, but I'm more than ready to jet off to some far away locale.

It doesn't help that I happen to be addicted to the weekly updates from Tablet - home to a collection featuring some of the most gorgeous boutique hotels in the world. Last week, they featured the new Hotel Missoni in Kuwait City, Kuwait. And I died. So. Amazing.

Images courtesy of Hotel Missoni
The iconic Italian fashion house has put together a hotel that is insanely bright, glossy, and luxurious. In true Missoni style, there are plenty of crazy prints and patterns, and vibrant color schemes in every room -  not to mention fabulous modern chic furniture and fixtures.

Check out the bathroom style - even the complimentary products are fashionable and colorful. It looks like absolutely everything was carefully designed down to the last detail.

Have you ever seen a hotel with the much color and personality? Loving the crazy colored stripes especially!

And then there's my favorite room - the suites look beyond incredible. I am always wowed by how Missoni manages to put so many colors and prints together into their designs and not have it look like a messy, clashing jumble.

Now, who's coming with me?


  1. MEEEEEEEEEEEEE! this is amazing. must go visit next time i'm in kuwait.

  2. Wowee, love all those fun colors! How could anyone be in a bad mood there? :)

    xo Kristina

  3. Oh, this hotel is darling! I'm putting this on my one day travel list:)