Sunday, May 1, 2011

Currently Coveting: Stylish Accessories

I love accessories - from shoes and scarves to jewelry and bags. I love that just changing accessories can change your entire outfit, or the feel of your outfit. They can make an outfit or break it, and take an old outfit and make it new again. On that note, here are some of the accessories I am currently swooning over...

These Pochettes from Clare Vivier are ah-mayzing. I love the bright neon colors on these little gems. They are natural undyed leather, with a silk screen stripe, and I would please, like to have one in each color.

Chevron stripes are one of my favorite design elements, and putting them on a shiny, pretty bracelet is perfectly genius, in my opinion. I would love to stack this bracelet from Jess LC with a bunch of other mismatched bangles.

For better or worse, I am one of those girls that would like to change my iPhone case regularly. Not to the point where I would match it to my shoes, but I like to keep it interested and change it up once in awhile. These covers from Dani Notes Stationary are a lovely mix preppy design (Muffy!?) and prints. Plus, I kind of love a nice monogram.

I love the Yves Saint Laurent "Arty Ovale" ring simply because it looks like something my grandmother would have had made for her back in the Seventies. I love the artsy, organic and strange shape of the gold.

I am a huge fan of sleep masks - mostly because I am NOT a morning person, and like to prevent the light streaming in my windows for as long as possible. If they have witty sayings like this one from Mary Green, all the better!

Finally, I am loving this new nail polish color, "Big Spender" from Essie. I like wearing dark colors on my (short) nails, but always want them to look a little brighter during the spring and summer. I feel like with this shade of purple, you get the dark and bright. Gorgeous!

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