Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Father's Day Gift Guide

Father's Day is nearly upon us, and in honor of the all the dads, dadas, daddys and fathers that are hard-working, patient, encouraging, inspiring, understanding heroes in our every day lives, I thought I would put together a little gift guide with ideas to help you shop for one of the main men in your life. No gift could ever compare to what many of our fathers have given us - their time, their love, their support - but, its a nice place to start!

For the "Manly-Man" Dad:

- I don't know a man that doesn't like to grill, and my own father is a lifetime devotee to the Weber Charcoal Grill. Plus this one is actually kind of stylish with its little work table and bright punchy color. Who would've thought you could have both?

- A guide for the true Mountain Man - full of information on the tools and equipment used by real manly men - the trappers and fur traders of the Old West.

- Recover, a company out of Portland, Oregon, creates hand-crafted wooden skins for Apple products. Each piece is hand sanded, stained and lacquered and comes in Maple, Walnut or Cherry, perfect for the woodsy, outdoors-man.

- Truly old-fashioned wet shave soap in a jar that comes in scents like Whiskey and Tobacco - for keeping his five-o-clock shadow perfectly maintained.

- A real man supports his sports team, no matter what their record, in a vintage-style tshirt like this one from Banner 47.

- What true outdoors-man doesn't need a titanium spork for when he's out being manly in the woods?

For the "Liquor Connoisseur" Dad:

- Sagaform Rocking Whiskey glasses, so Mad Men-esque - plus, how cool is it that they can rock when you set them down, but not tip over?!

- Because most of the men I know enjoy drinking out of a hip flask around a campfire - especially a stainless steel one that doesn't hold onto odor or taste - so he won't be tasting last month's whiskey when he is sipping this month's scotch.

- A grizzly bear bottle opener? Its just awesome.

- A Blitz Chiller can chill a bottle or can of beer to ice-cold in 2 minutes. Impressive, no?

- This cordless screwdriver comes with a wine-opening attachment - now that is useful.

For the "Stylish" Dad:

- Black on black Timex watch - smooth.

- If he's fashion forward, he'll love this knitted silk tie from Charvet.

- A leather wash bag for traveling in style.

- Because a flip comb is wonderfully retro and always comes in handy.

- This Jack Spade bag is a simple and stylish way to carry his clothes to the gym or on a quick business trip.

- Hip, thick black rimmed sunglasses from Persol.

"Just For Fun" Ideas for Dad:

- Good old-fashioned pencils with plenty of fun, interesting and useful facts imprinted on them. For the know-it-all dad in your life.

- This little desk toy is actually quite addictive - I will testify to that. Getting these little magnetic balls into the suggested shapes and designs is no easy task!

- University of Washington fans will love these Husky-inspired cufflinks and tie bar. Go Dawgs!

- Because anything with mustaches makes me smile.

- These shirts are a cute idea for the new (and old!) daddy's out there with little versions of themselves running around.

- A wallet for the guitar enthusiast in your life - so he always has a pick close at hand.

What are you getting your dad for Father's Day?

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  1. I wish my husband played the guitar. I love the wallet idea. So fun, Ashley! I love your blog.