Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Traveling In Style - Silver Trailer Design

Photo Credit: Alison Turner
Meet Kristiana Spaulding. And one of her vintage Airstream trailers. Yes, ONE of them - she has an entire fleet. This California designer took her childhood love of Airstream trailers and turned it into an amazing business - Silver Trailers. She redesigns the interiors, and then rents them out - for personal use, for weddings, for TV, film and photo shoots. I love how she finds these shiny silver vintage trailers and makes over the interior into fabulously swanky, chic and stylish traveling abodes. 

Take the Bambi trailer for example. Made in 1962, Kristiana used plywood and aluminum to create an interior that was inspired by the foothills, native grasses and the flowing south fork of the American river. After all, what is more American than an Airstream trailer? It's classic Americana at its best.

Photo Credit: Wendy Nordeck
I've never seen so much style fit into just 16 feet of trailer. I love how she kept the retro feel and made it seem like such a calming space with the neutral palette.

Now, meet the Tradewind trailer - a little bit bigger...but not much.
Photo credit: Michelle McCarron
Kristiana built a custom lounge, desk and benches for this trailer, using curves inside the trailer that matched the curves on the outside of the trailer. There are maple wood cabinets, and the desk can be folded up or down - because sometimes, in a trailer, you need some extra room.

Finally, my favorite - the Caravel trailer, made in 1960, and just 17' sweet little feet.

I love how chic and swanky it is inside! I am of course, a big fan of the chandelier, the built in bed and Naugahyde cushions.

Wouldn't you love to get away with one of these little silver bullets behind your car? It would be ridiculously fun to take a road trip with one of these stylish trailers - we may have to put it on our list of things to do "someday".

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