Monday, June 6, 2011

Design and Decor: Office Space

Clockwise from top left: Made By Girl, Better Homes and Gardens, Caitlin Wilson Design and Decor Pad
Since I was a kid, I loved back-to-school shopping - and I am not just talking about new shoes, sweaters and jeans - one of my favorite parts of going back to school was shopping for new school supplies. Fresh notebooks and folders, pens of all colors, highlighters - I loved stocking my desk for the next school year. I am still like this - I cannot get enough of office supplies and organizing them in pretty and clever ways.

I've been day-dreaming about my "someday home office" for awhile now - how chic and stylish it will be, how amazing and good-looking the organization will be, and of course, all the pretty papers, pens, pencils and gadgets that will be stocked in my desk. Check out how my "someday home office" day-dream is shaping up so far...

Cord Identifiers- Crate and Barrel, Striped Pen- Jonathan Adler, Writer's Block- Bobs Your Uncle, Jeweled Pencils- Russell and Hazel, To-Do List- Kate Spade, Fun masking tape- Kate's Paperie, Hanger Paperclips-KikkiK
I am obsessed with the bejeweled pencils - they would look so good in a cute pencil holder on my desktop - and how clever are those paperclips?

Rainbow accordion folder- Kate's Paperie, Pencils- Rad and Hungry, Fabric Tape- Kate's Paperie, Pencil Dispenser- Museum of Useful Things, File Folder- See Jane Work, Bodem Tea Press- Holy Cool, Fluorescent Colored Pencils- Moma Store, Matches- IoMoi, Colored Books- Kates Paperie        

I've always thought pencil dispensers were so stylish and useful...and you know I am going to need one of those pretty tea presses to keep me going through the day. Finally, I can never resist a good-looking notebook to keep my notes and thoughts in. Maybe I will get all the colors and stack them just like that on my desk...ha!

Personal Library Kit- Fred Flare, Pantone Flash Drive- Pantone, Mechanical Pencils- Barnes and Noble, Colored Correspondence Cards- Kate's Paperie, Days of the Week Clothespins- Sorting with Style, Address File- Anthropologie, Moleskine Monthly Planner Set- Moleskine, Highlighter Pencils- Stubby Pencil Studio, Rubber Band Ball- See Jane Work       
Since I plan on having a massive personal library, I will clearly need a library kit to make sure each one makes it way back home after I lend it out. And I know there are so many fun flash drive designs out there - but this Pantone one stole my heart. Plus, the mechanical pencils that look like real pencils? Love. As you can see, I am also truly old-school at heart - I would definitely keep my contacts in a filo-fax in addition to on my phone and computer. I don't trust technology sometimes...also, how brilliant are the highlighter pencils? I am all about them. Even my rubber band ball will be pretty girly when I have my "someday home office".


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