Thursday, June 2, 2011

Great Shots: Black and White Beauty

I love black and white photographs - it sometimes seems that the same photograph, shot in color, would have a completely different feel and emotion to it, shot in black and white. It lends such strong emotions to a photograph. Here are some of my recent favorites...

Source: Endless Forms Most Beautiful
I love that the city looks almost other-worldly in this photo - the fog and clouds silently slipping through the buildings and streets.

Source: Pentti Sammallahti - via Droll Girl
I love how absolutely still this photograph is. Not even a ripple in the water. I wonder if the frog thinks he can't be seen because he isn't moving.

Source: Castles Crowns and Cottages
Truthfully I just can't get enough of this dress and the glamour of this photo - I like how her dress fills up nearly the entire frame. She's like a modern day princess trapped in her skyscraper "castle".

Source: We Heart It
Great juxtaposition - the elegant, graceful, ballerina - with bare legs - in the middle of the noisy city.

Source: Black and White
 This just makes me laugh. Makes me crack up, actually.

Source: Black and White
It looks like a river running through the tree tops, or a map or nerves inside the body. At first glance, it could be so many things. I love the pattern the tree branches create.

Which one is your favorite?

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