Friday, January 28, 2011

Awe-Inspiring Art

I don't profess to know much of anything about art - besides the few art history classes I took in college, which I loved immensely, I mostly just know that I like to look at something pretty. When I came across this series of paintings by Gregory Thielker though, I knew I was looking at something incredible - art expert or not.

"Complete Stop" by Gregory Thielker
His collection "Under the Undermining Sky" truly impresses me. Here is the thing...I fully thought that these were photographs at first (and maybe a second and third) glance. But they are oil paintings. He so perfectly captured the effect of rain on a car window that I was convinced I was looking at a photograph for most of them.

"Trace" by Gregory Thielker

"Dash" by Gregory Thielker
I can't even begin to imagine how one paints rain - water, clear and in differing droplets and rivulets. What talent to capture something like that with such precision that it looks like a photograph.

"Cash Only" by Gregory Thielker
"Arlington Street" by Gregory Thielker
Did anyone else think they were photographs or is just me and my untrained eye? Here is one of his comments on his work..."Our viewpoint within the car, creates a particular frame for experience, both fixed in its planar orientation, yet extremely mobile in its pace and direction. In road views, we experience an engineered network, but an egalitarian exposure to any and all points along that vector. The process of driving erases what is behind so that all we can focus on is the future."  I like his take on driving.

"Inbetween" by Gregory Thielker

"McGrath" by Gregory Thielker
 If I were a curator at an art gallery, I would sign this guy up for a show right away.

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