Monday, January 10, 2011

Building a Fort

Recently, I have been daydreaming about building an indoor fort. There is just something so magical about a fort - like your own hidden little den or cave, it feels so cozy and safe - I feel like my imagination kicks into overdrive just thinking about forts. But after we stop being kids, no one builds forts anymore. 

I want to get all the blankets and sheets out of my closet and start constructing an awesome fort in the living room. One where I can read and nap and just hang out. Maybe I should throw a whole Fort Party, where everyone can hang out in my super-cool fort. Anyone wanna come over and build a fort with me? 

I think this would make such a great date - build a fort together, have dinner in it, tell secrets in it, watch a movie...maybe more...

 All forts should have twinkle lights.

 Fancy fort!

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