Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Help! SOS!

So, I happen to be a total sucker for cute or amazing packaging. If its packaged well, designed well and quite simply, looks pretty, I will probably think I have to have it - no matter what it is. I have been told more than once that I am a marketer's dream come true, for just this reason. Make it look pretty and I will buy it.

This collection of little "helpers" from the Help Shop is just one of those cases. Have you ever seen more adorable packaging? Its clever, its simple, and when you could have Ibuprofen in one of these little darlings, why buy it in a boring old white bottle?

Help Remedies are the perfect combination of form and function for me, and I think they just make healing cuter and more fun. Plus, if you add them to your emergency kit, it will pretty and useful. Added bonus: the packaging is biodegradable. Told you I was a sucker for pretty packaging.

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  1. Ashley! Love the new blog, and love these helpers! Have you ever flown Virgin America? They have the same concept where you can order little help kits for different ailments like headaches, sore muscles, etc. You'd love them too!