Sunday, January 2, 2011

Italy Is My Magnet

 With the doldrums of winter setting in, now is about the time I start daydreaming about traveling to exotic far-off locales, and lying on a warm sandy beach. The place I venture to most often in my dreams? Italy.

I've been to Italy twice in my life. Once for a few weeks in high-school, and again for a few months as a college student, I lived and studied in Florence. I fell in love with Italy when I was seventeen, and the love affair continues to this day. When I see photos of movies of Italy, I can literally feel an ache in my heart for this magical place that holds such a special place in my heart.

So, while I was perusing the interwebs today, I came across this little gem and just had to share.

Welcome to The Suite on the Oak - its a freakin' tree-house in the Italian country side, people! This amazing tree house, north of Rome, is situated among lavender fields (swoon) has a bathroom and a double bedroom - and here is the best part: you can rent it out. Santa, are you listening? This is all I want for Christmas next year.

Have you ever seen a more charming, dream-like place to stay? In a century-old oak tree, near an olive grove, on a property with a pool? Sign me up. I can already imagine falling asleep to the sounds of the country side, to the wind in the tree branches and leaves, after a nice glass of wine and big bowl of pasta arriabiatta. This place is definitely going on my list of places I simply must see someday.

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