Saturday, January 1, 2011

A New Year, A New Endeavor

With a new year beginning, it occurred to me that there was no better time to start something new. The last thing the world needs is another blog, but like it says above, "I can write a blog. I have thoughts." 

Hopefully I have enough of them to keep this blog going and keep it interesting. 

Inspired by my new found love for (seriously people, if you love pretty things and images, you want to check this site out - its like a gorgeous online collection of inspiration boards for every topic you can conceive of), I thought why not share my findings and musings on fashion, style, design, shopping, and pretty shiny things with the world? Or just with the five people in my family that might read this blog occasionally, anyway. 

So, check back in often and see what I am currently swooning over or dreaming of. 

Cheers! xoxo

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