Monday, January 3, 2011

Pantone Spring 2011 Color Palette

The Pantone color palette for Spring 2011 came out recently, and as expected, I love every single color on it.  

Each season, Pantone brings the world the latest and most important color trends – used in design, fashion and more. This year’s color palette is inspired by exotic destinations like Africa, India, Peru and Turkey, using both warm and cool tones to balance one another in complimentary hues.

Coral Rose is a sophisticated orange with a bright, spicy feel to it, and Beeswax is a warm honeyed yellow – both of which look great paired with Regatta.

The romantic, fanciful color of Lavender goes great with Beeswax and Coral Rose, making a unique color pairing that is perfectly balanced, and the alluring color of Blue Curacao is a goregous tropical hue that complements both Honeysuckle and Coral Rose. 

Peapod is my personal favorite for its fresh yellow-green color and the “nude hues” – Silver Peony, Silver Cloud and Deep Russett, go with just about everything in the palette, grounding the bright colors and providing an ethereal feel.

Finally, let’s not forget Honeysuckle – the official color of Spring 2011. Bright and flirtatious, this feel-good hue is playful and perfect for escaping the winter blues!

Left to Right: Issa dress, YSL scarf, Juicy Couture dress, Mulberry bag, Marc Jacobs bracelet, all from

 And simply because I love blue in every shade, some inspiration based on Regatta, the most lovely blue!

Left to Right: Tibi dress, ALC skirt, Tibi dress, Bottega Veneta dress, all from
Oh, and one last thing, when I saw these Pantone themed Visa cards, I thought I had died and gone to heaven. I need them. Or maybe just one. Lavender, I think. I die. 

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