Saturday, January 15, 2011

Style Icon: Blake Lively

Ok, so it must be said: I happen to have an enormous girl crush on Blake Lively. And if we are honest, it has a lot to do with her personal style. I love pretty much everything the girl wears - and its all so perfectly styled and put together. Whether she's wearing it as Serena Van Der Woodsen (yes, second confession of the post - I also love Gossip Girl. The fashion on that show is unreal) or Blake Lively, it all makes my mouth water. 


The hair, the shoes, the it obvious I love this girl's style?

Living in New York, Blake has plenty of enviable cold-weather outfits and swoon-worthy coats and boots. Some of her outfits are so simple but you know she is a style icon because she can make them seem like so much more -  a la Kate Moss. 

I have been dreaming of a leather jacket for some time now...paired with a Burberry scarf, its like preppy rock-star chic.

Ok, the girl can even pull off a giant mushroom beanie? Impressive, I say.

Simple and chic.

Blake at the Met Costume Ball last year. Not easy to pull off a dress like this, but she does it. And with legs for days! Good grief.
Ok, so this one is actually on the set of Gossip Girl, but this dress completely captured me. Its sexy and body conscious, but still romantic and elegant. Love, love loves! Oh Blake, your style makes me yearn for a bigger closet and bank account...;)


  1. Blake definitely has great style--I could never pull off a mushroom beanie. And I know what you mean about having a style crush. I have a style crush on Lauren Conrad and her cute outfits, despite how vapid "The Hills" was and how poorly written her first book was.

  2. I can't decide if it's Blake's style I like or if I just want to look like her :) Her body/hair are pretty amazing!